Ryan SPRING Associate Professor

Fields Second Language Acquisition, Cognitive Linguistics, Foreign Language Education
Researcher’s Data https://www.r-info.tohoku.ac.jp/index.php?action=pages_view_main&active_action=cvclient_view_main_init&cvid=7000010038&display_type=cv&block_id=469#_469

I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a major in German and minors in both Japanese and film studies. After graduating, I worked as a professional translator for about 4 years. Thereafter, I started my graduate schooling at the Graduate School for International Culture Studies at Tohoku University, studying cognitive linguistics and second language acquisition there and conducting research that spanned the two fields.

Currently, I work at the Tohoku University Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, where I am responsible for the following activities:
-Teaching a number of general education English courses
-Teaching a linguistics course for graduate students
-Conducting research, primarily on second language acquisition and foreign language education
-Run the Tohoku University / UNC Charlotte Skype Partner Program
-Act as vice-representative for exchange programs with UNC Charlotte and Maryland University