Xiumin ZHAO Professor

Fields Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Technole-learning, e-learning
Researcher’s Data https://www.r-info.tohoku.ac.jp/index.php?action=pages_view_main&active_action=cvclient_view_main_init&cvid=7000014684&display_type=cv&block_id=469#_469

I was born and raised in Beijing, China. I have lived in the city of trees, Sendai, since I first came to Japan. Now the number of years that I have spent in this city have surpassed the time that I lived in Beijing, so that I feel as if I have become a person from Sendai. My hobbies are gourmet food and art appreciation. My specialty is Chinese language education and educational technology. The latter is a discipline of design, development, and assessment based on second language acquisition theory and teaching design theory, which utilizes a systematic approach to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and attractiveness of Chinese language education. In the present-day advanced information and communication technology (ICT) age, the Internet and smartphones have brought convenience and reform to language learning. I aim to create an effective and attractive environment for Chinese language learning by combining e-learning with ICT and regular face-to-face classes, and utilizing the advantages of both.