Ryan SPRING Associate Professor

Fields Second Language Acquisition, Cognitive Linguistics, Foreign Language Education
Research Map https://researchmap.jp/7000010038

Ryan Spring began working at Tohoku University Institute for Excellence in Higher education in 2014, after graduating with a PhD in Language Communication from Tohoku University. He has a wide range of teaching and research interests including phrasal verbs, applications of cognitive linguistics to language learning, objective measures of language production, fairness in automated scoring, and the use of online tools and multimedia in language education. He serves on the board of reviewers for The Electronic Journal of Teaching English as a Second or other Language (TESL-EJ) and as vice president of the Association for Teaching English through Multimedia (ATEM) but is also active in a number of research and education-related conferences. At Tohoku University, Dr. Spring works with his colleagues to create and update English teaching materials and has administrative roles. He is also one of the Editors of the Pathways to Academic English textbook and serves as a webmaster for the connected homepage. He works with his colleagues to improve and enhance the various related educational materials.