Jessica TAKEDA Specially Appointed Lecturer

Fields TESOL
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Jessica Takeda joined the IEHE in 2021 after spending over a decade teaching at various schools and institutions in Yamagata, and thus has experience teaching English to students from a range of ages and academic levels. She is interested in the impact that online-based, multimodal practice has on language acquisition, and how sharing and co-creating materials improves the overall quality of English education at Tohoku University. She is also an active member in academic societies such as JALT and LET and strives to improve her teaching and help others as well. At Tohoku University, Jessie is committed to delivering obtainable and interesting lessons to her English I-A, I-B, II-A, II-B, and III students, and sharing teaching strategies and materials with her fellow teachers. Specifically, and to that end, Jessie serves as a webmaster for the Pathways to Academic English website, and is active in developing, maintaining, and improving it along with her fellow CCLE-ES teachers.