HyeonCheol KIM Associate Professor

Fields Korean Performing Arts Theory, Comparative Cultural Theory
Researcher’s Data https://www.r-info.tohoku.ac.jp/index.php?action=pages_view_main&active_action=cvclient_view_main_init&cvid=read0103821&display_type=cv&block_id=469#_469

I was born and raised in South Korea. I lived in Seoul from elementary to graduate school, and have lived in Sendai since 2003. My hobbies are traveling and photography. Every year during summer vacation, I go on a motorcycle ride in Hokkaido with friends.
My specialty is the performing arts. In particular, I study the theory formation processes in Japanese and Korean modern theater. Lately, I have furthered my studies with interest in “Japan-Korea cultural exchange.” Feel free to contact me if you are interested in Japan-Korea cultural exchange.