Why not learn French, the second official language of the UN? Welcome to the page of the Section for French Language Education of the Center for Culture and Language Education (CCLE). French is a melodious language. We provide French language and culture education, focusing on the entire French-speaking sphere.

French is the official language in the second largest number of countries in the world behind only English. It is an official language not only in France, but also Switzerland, Belgium, Africa, and North America, as well as in a number of international organizations. France is one of the two leading countries in Europe, together with Germany, and is the most important country to East European countries. It is highly respected for its culture, from fine art to fashion, cuisine, and music. Many Japanese tourists visit France to go to gourmet restaurants and art museums.
Our French language courses are designed to help students master basic language skills during the first year, as the language is unfamiliar to most of them. These courses provide thorough and repeated practice of French grammar, pronunciation, and conversation, and give students an understanding of the history and culture.


We have organized our curricula to foster internationally educated students, and help them obtain proficiency in French as a second foreign language and acquire specialized knowledge to understand the history, culture, and society of French-speaking areas.
In the first year, students learn French in communication and grammar classes. A native French teachers and non-native teachers take turns teaching 96 hours of lessons using comprehensive educational materials. Students can progress to the point that they can pass the third level of the Test in Practical French Proficiency.
Non-native teachers teach the fundamentals of French grammar while native teachers focus on French conversation, so that students can acquire practical French skills. They are trained in all four of the skills required for communication – reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
In the second year, students read texts organized according to themes and acquire expression from practical educational materials. They practice giving their opinions and impressions and develop international perspective.
If you want to understand the country and culture of France or speak the language of the world’s 6th largest economy, you must learn French, an official language in over 32 countries!