Yoichi TABAYASHI Associate Professor

Fields Spanish, Linguistics, Area Studies
Researcher’s Data https://www.r-info.tohoku.ac.jp/index.php?action=pages_view_main&active_action=cvclient_view_main_init&cvid=tabayashiyouichi&display_type=cv&block_id=469#_469

I work on analyzing the syntax, lexis, and semantics of the Spanish language in a systematic manner. In parallel to that, I offer a theory that can explain various types of behavior in general linguistic usage that is not bound to any one particular language, and is mainly built on a cognitive framework. Furthermore, in order to understand any particular language, including Spanish, and to put linguistics into perspective, it is necessary to understand the viewpoints of the cultures in various areas that use the language, such as Spanish-speaking countries, and actually be exposed to the language. Therefore, I also study the culture, literature, history, thought, philosophy, psychology, of Spanish-speaking countries, as these are all deeply linked to the Spanish language. In particular, I am interested in the literatures of Spain and Latin American countries.