Masako HAYASHI Associate Professor

Fields Japanese Language Linguistics, Japanese Language Education
Reseracher’s Data

My specialty is Japanese linguistics and Japanese language education. In the discipline of Japanese linguistics, I have continuously studied adverbs, and obtained a Ph.D. from the graduate school of Osaka University, where my topic was “A quantitative study on the ‘adverb degree’ of adverbial components derived from verbs”. Now I am conducting a study on the adverb degree of adverbial components derived from other parts of speech, and performing a comparative study in adverbs in Spanish and Japanese.
In the discipline of Japanese language education, I worked as an advisor at the University of Santiago, Chile, as a Japanese language education expert for the Japan Foundation, and also helped with the Japanese language education of foreign students at a number of Japanese universities and to train Japanese language teachers. I have also reported on these actions. My current research focuses on teaching adverbs to learners of Japanese.
There is an activity at Tohoku University in which students can practice teaching by utilizing essays, news, manga, animations, and more. In the future, I also plan to offer a collaborative international seminar class for Japanese and international students, in which they will communicate the language and culture of their countries, utilizing multimedia including manga and animations. I hope that this class will be liked by all of the students.