Barry KAVANAGH Associate Professor

Fields Sociolinguistics, Applied Linguistics, English Linguistics
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Barry Kavanagh has nearly 20 years of English teaching experience in Japan, with over 10 of those teaching at university level. He has a TESOL (linguistics) masters degree from Surrey University in the UK and a PhD in linguistics from Tohoku University Japan. Working as part of a team he has ample experience in syllabus design, course creation, curriculum development and classroom assessment and has worked as a teacher trainer and given a variety of teacher trainer workshops. His TESOL research interests lie in the areas in CLIL (Content and language Integrated learning) and academic English writing. His classes at Tohoku University include communication-based classes, reading and advanced level practical skills courses. He has created courses in advanced reading, academic writing, and the teaching of Japanese culture and karate through a Content-based instruction (CBI) approach to Japanese and foreign exchange students through the global learning center IPRA program. He also teaches a linguistics class as graduate school of international cultural studies.
As a linguist his main research areas are within sociolinguistics, computer mediated communication, pragmatics and bilingualism. He has written numerous articles, academic papers and book chapters and has presented his research across Europe and Asia. His research is primarily cross-cultural and some of his research and publications have examined emoticon usage and politeness theory across cultures, intercultural communication theory and its relevance to online discourse and second language acquisition and identity among bicultural bilingual children residing in the UK and Japan.