Yosuke FUKAI Associate Professor

Fields French Literature, French Education

I have spent a long time studying the texts of the 19th century French poet Arthur Rimbaud. My doctoral dissertation, which I did at Paris-Sorbonne University, was titled “The Multi-Voicedness of Rimbaud”, and was an analysis of “Une saison en enfer” (A season in hell). I analyzed the text from four perspectives: the multi-voicedness that occurs throughout the text, the multi-voicedness of the citations, the plurality of it in literary journals, and the heterogeneity of the “discours” (discourse) that was built on the cultural background and historical context of the time. Currently, I am interested in the relationship between Rimbaud and the first Romantic Movement.
The other field of research I am involved in is French language education. I received my certification in French pedagogy in 2013, and proactively utilize active learning in my classes. Recently, I am interested in researching the effectiveness of group work, and French education for the purpose of career development. I am also creating short movies entirely in French as part of my own free-released French pedagogical materials, and have made them available on YouTube.
Anyone who is interested in French literature wants to have fun learning French, or converse in French is always welcome to come by my office.