Associate Professor Masako Hayashi’s Cooperative HyFlex Class that utilizes the metaverse appeared in the Asahi Shinbun “University Frontiers” Series

Masako Hayashi, Associate Professor in the Center for Culture and Language Education, created a Cooperative HyFlex Class that utilizes the metaverse, and this was reported on in Asahi Shibun’s “University Frontiers” series as an advanced teaching technique that fosters intercultural understanding and exchange through leading advances in technology. Students in this class wear head mounted displays and enter their own metaverse world where they give cooperative presentations with students from abroad, allowing them to cross borders and experience and deepen their understanding of foreign cultures.

The article is titled “Daigaku Saizensen Metaba-su Nai Ibunka Manabu” and appeared in Asahi Shibun on June 20th, 2023.