A paper written by three faculty members (Sachiko Nakamura, Ryan Spring, and Shizuka Sakurai) titled “The Impact of ASR-based Interactive Video Activities on Speaking Skills: Japanese EFL Learners’ Perceptions” was published in The Electronic Journal for English as a Second Language

Sachiko Nakamura (Senior Assistant Professor), Ryan Spring (Associate Professor), and Shizuka Sakurai (Associate Professor) published the following paper together:


Nakamura, S., Spring, R., & Sakurai, S. (2024). The impact of ASR-based interactive video activities on speaking skills: Japanese EFL learners’ perceptions. TESL-EJ, 27(4). https://doi.org/10.55593/ej.27108a5


The paper can be found here: https://tesl-ej.org/wordpress/issues/volume27/ej108/ej108a5/